Craps - Silver Dollar Casino

Craps originates from France. This game came to North America from Europe. The spread of craps was extremely fast. Then many casinos started to offer the game. Craps were especially popular on river boats floating on Mississippi.

Craps is a game where you play with dice. Surely everyone knows what dice is. Simple dice with 6 numeric values are used. Dice are tossed onto the surface of the table. This procedure is taken automatically. Random number generator is responsible for this. And you can be absolutely sure that Silver Dollar casino RNG is absolutely fair e.g. random. So, two dice are tossed. Therefore there are different 36 possible outcomes. 36 is considered as the perfect amount of outcomes. Players have quite enough options to place bets. At the same time usage of 2 dice makes the relatively simple. That’s why everyone can master basic rules of craps.

So, the goal of the game is to make correct bet. As you can see craps are quite similar to roulette. At the same time players watch dice instead of the roulette wheel. But the mechanism is actually very similar. Just rely on lady luck and craps will be fun, exciting and rewarding. Start playing craps at Silver Dollar casino right now!