Roulette - Silver Dollar Casino

Everyone knows what the online roulette is. This casino game is famous even among those who are not interested in gambling at all. Roulette is automatically associated with casinos and gambling. And surely you can play roulette online in Silver Dollar Casino. Here you can experience classic roulette. By the game the game was invented in XVIII century. So, this is quite old kind of gambling.
In Silver Dollar Casino you can make different bets playing roulette:
  • Bet on a certain number, for example 23, 46 etc.
  • Street bet. You can cover 3 numbers in a row with one bet.
  • Even or odd bet. In this case you divide the roulette table into 2 sections: even and odd. Therefore your chances of winning are close to 50%. Don`t forget about zero (win of casino).
  • Two number bet (chips are on a line between two numbers)
  • Dozens bet. You can cover numbers 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36. So, your chances are close to 33%.
  • 6 numbers bet. A player places a bet on 2 rows of 3 numbers. Therefore he can cover 6 numbers with 1 bet.
  • Red or black bet. Which color you prefer? Basically, odds are close to 50% (again don`t forget about zero).
  • Column bets. Now you can divide roulette table into 3 columns of 12 numbers.
  • Low or high number bet. Chances are close to 50%. You bet either on 1-18 or on 19-36.
  • Square bet. You can cover 4 numbers with 1 bet placing your chips in the center of the square.